News - archive 2014

Invitation to Exhibition Around Us in Us

Since September 27, 2015 visitors have the opportunity to see the exhibition Around Us in Us where are shown unique objects that were created in the laboratories of the Department of Nonwovens Technologies at the Technical University in Liberec. At the exhibition there can be seen accompanying large-format paintings on canvas, drawings and video film, depicting the formation of nanoscent works via nanospider. Irena Jůzová has asserted here her long-term interest in intangible materials, as means of expression by participating in an international interdisciplinary project connecting art, science and technology – ISWA, which aim is to make closer visitors a fascinating process of newborn scientific theories, knowledge and records of mysterious and exotic space via artistic means. The exhibition runs until 31.8.2016. photo © Dana Kris Photography (2015)


Festival Tutti Frutti

Festival Tutti Frutti reacts at the phenomena of art market in the contemporary world and at the iconic building of Slovac architect Ivana Matušíka, at its function in the city and it contemporary state. . Irena Jůzová installed two large-format enamels in a opposite way on the symmetric situated roof, which she realised during Symposium Art Smalt 2013. Photo@ author archive: BV1 (2013), Enamel, borrowed with the permit of Machinery Group, Ostrava Vítkovice Nadacy.


Charity Support

Irena Jůzová gave to Jana Pitelková and project manager of Star Bazar, Tomas, Milon, a painting of the cycle Choices of Corridors. After the sale, the money would be given to support people using wheelchair after spinal cord injury – Czech Association of Paraplegics– CZEPA. foto©archív autorky (2014) .