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CLAUDIE RESNER ( born name Irena Jůzová *1965) is a Czech sculptor, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague – the school of Monumental Art under prof. Aleš Veselý. From 1995 till 2006, she worked in the same school as an expert assistant. She participate a the development of legendary Prague exhibition Women houses (1992, 1994) together with Štěpánka Šimlová, Veronika Bromová, Kateřina Vincourová, Markéta Othová a Elen Řádová.

In 2008, she defended habilitation in the fields of Fine Arts – Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and became to be a docent (associate professor). During her studies she received many studio awards of the Academy of Fine Arts and she participated at many exhibition. In 1992, she represented the Czech Republic at the European Biennial of Young Artists Germinations 7 in Grenoble France, where she was awarded for her interactive work A Desk for Twenty Players (1992). In 1993, she was chosen for participation of 4 Biennial European Academies of Visual Arts in Maastricht.

In 2007, by all of the votes, her project the Collection Series was chosen to represent the Czech Republic (as the first artist of this country) at the 52. la Biennale di Venezia in Italy. The work Collection Series was directly prepared for the area of the Czechoslovakian Pavilion in Giardini di Biennale. The Collection Series became to be a noticeable part of the biennial and during the pre-premier days there was quite often expressed the opinion of the expert public, who visit the pavilions in this time, that at this Biennial, the attention is drawn by women artist. Artist was here represented together with the artists such as Sophie Calle, Tracey Emin, Isa Genzken and Monika Sosnowska. The exposition from this pavilion was often published and mentioned in media abroad. The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic declared to National Gallery Thanks for presenting projects of Irena Jůzová and her successful representation of the Czech Republic abroad.

During 2007 – 2008, the National Gallery in Prague organized an exhibition to artist in Veletržní Palace, the exhibition was called the Echoes of Biennial in Venice and it displayed how the long-term project of Collection Series was created.

CLAUDIE RESNER nears to the scholars supported by foundation of Jana & Milan Jelinek Foundation. Thanks to this support, her interactive work Places I. (1993) was exhibited at the Media Art Biennale WRO 97 in Wroclav in Poland and from 2006 it has been a part of the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art of the National Gallery in Prague. The author is also represented in many state and private galleries in the Czech Republic as well as abroad such as The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Kralové, ASG in Hluboká nad Vltavou, Gallery Klatovy Klenová, Shoes or no shoes?, Belgium.

She has received many stipends and took place at many residential staying such as Sculpture Space, INC., NY, USA, Arts Links Residencies of LBMA Video Annex, Museum of Art Long Beach, CA, USA a Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

In 2010, the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Kralové published a catalogue mapping works of CLAUDIE RESNER during 2007 – 2010 with many coloured reproduction and many expert texts from Milan Knížák, Tomáš Vlček, Lucie Šiklová, Jiří Machalický and Martina Vítková.

Her recent works were shown at solo exhibitions such as Benatske Canvas in Interactive gallery Becher's Villa in Karlovy Vary (2012) or in the exhibition called 16599 in Gallery Klatovy Klenová (2011) and during exhibition We Like Them More than Gems They Are Worthier Us than Gold in Hradec Králové 2011–2010.

Nowadays, she participates at interdisciplinary international project ISWA connecting art, science and technologies. Within her work – All inclusive she prepares new works while using