News - archive 2013

New photos

In Irena Juzova studio were taken new photos during working on the project All inclusive.
Photo: Petr Jedinák@2013



National Gallery in Prague under Ministry of Culture of The Czech Republic v Praze published double language publication called Česko – slovenský pavilon v Benátkách / Pavilion of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in Venice, mapping the exhibition history of this pavilion at Venetian Biennale for last 20 years. . Irena Jůzová represented here the Czech Republic in 2007 (52nd Venetian Biennale) by monumental installation Collection-Series, which has became noticeble part of the exhibition and was mentioned in many foreign newspapers and magazines. She came into international recognition as an author of spirited speech in which she updated the tension of intimacy, depersonalization and her architecture has become a research place of contradictions and conflicts of human privacy. The artwork is mentioned in publication at pages 64 – 69*. photo at the title page© Martin Polák* graphic design © Lada Krupková Křesadlová.