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Object from nanofibers. A quote from the catalogue text written by Martina Vítková … There exist impossible things and acts which we referred to as miracles. By the word miracle we mean things and acts to which we would like to believe but which we take as impossible or unreliable. The author created from subtle but from non-destroyable nanofibers four prints of her own face..– Sudarium, Plain Copy The Price is Clearly Set and Mama Mia, The Boy is for Me Everything. If we use the deductive method of Sherlock Holmes, we will find the motif under the different titles. Sudarium denotes a sweat towel, a handkerchief. To this is related the story of Veronica's merciful act, when she received the copy of Jesus Christ face at the towel, when he came with the cross to Golgotha. Economical relation without sentiment seems to bear the next title. Plain Copy is an expression of scepsis which is based on empiric met world. Quote from the song is the most personal. If there is anything like health, love, life or belief to a man everything, how we could assign a price to it? This is probably beyond the border of money power. Beyond rational scepsis, beyond duty, in the field of belief, hope, life poetry and maybe also a miracle.
foto © Petr Jedinák