Limited Edition Collection Series

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(a quote from Martina Vítkova – 2010 catalogue Irena Jůzová, We Like Them More than Gems, They Are Worthier to Us than Gold ). …The author balances but also provokes in Hradec Kralove. Without strains she uses an emptied gender motive – an imprint of intimal part of body and let it to levitate in a showcase as a gem or a diamond in the realisation Limited Edition Collection Series (2010), by which she says good bye to her body casting, that leads her to Venation. What is important is also punctually considered reliquary which exists here in the form of a building, a symbol of power and domination, also as an incubator, a fountain, a trap or a prison. We can understand the object shape as a figure that copied the gallery environment, included blends of square and circular decor, Art Nouveau lamps and floor luxfers. The individual white prisms can be seen as a city, such as skyscrapers, as a private Manhattan, as well as the fortifications or a staircase to a treasure, which can be just under the domination.

video © Petr Jedinák