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In the connection with the exploration of genium loci and in the relation to the work Collection Series (2007) exhibited at the 52. Venetian Biennial in Czechoslovakian Pavilion in Giardini di Biennale in Venetian, Irena Jůzová reacts by a central installation of a small object in the area of Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové and immerses the visitor into her game of identity loss and discovery of secondary authenticity. (as one of the contemporary phenomena called Milan Knížák). The magnificent entrance hall revives again by architectural elements stemming from luxsfer geometry of the terraced floor in the form of a solitaire showcase, in which she offered the last piece, yet unexposed imprint of her body as the Limited Edition Collection Series. In the middle area, which is transformed into an exclusive place for the offer of luxury goods, behind a glass, there levitates a small object like a jewel, a gem. Irena Jůzová finally closes the topic of the imprint of her body in the form of undressed skin and fingerprints of architectural elements as metaphors of monument or mausoleum to art manipulated by the market. prof. PhDr. Tomáš Vlček CSc.

video © Petr Jedinák