Yellow Room

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Installation created for the three areas of the Palace Temple, Prague City Gallery into Irena Jůzová's solo exhibition called the Yellow Room. The mechanical glassed-in object in a life-size naturally follows the installation of the cast skin of Irena Jůzová adjusted in the cylindrical showcase Series Collection (2007). This time the visitor is confronted with the author's touches in the dust deposited on the glass and slowly rotating circular glass trays at stainless steel rod inside the object itself. As part of the installation Irena Jůzová created a series of drawings called „Seven options of choice“, in contrasting yellow and black colours of size 600×400mm. At the exhibition there was firstly exhibited the colour drawing Essence (1989) 610×880 mm and three digital manipulation „Yellow Room“ No. 1 – No. 3 (2010).

video © Petr Jedinák