Cabin with a Camera

Main image

Spatial interactive installation. Three cabins, onto which one is possible to come in. In the central cabin there is integrated a sensor that detects movement and during the entrance of a visitor at the downer plate it starts halogen lights and ventilator placed on the shoulders outside of the cabin. At the protective grille on the front before the fan there is mounted a tiny camera at the height of a visitor head that scans. Details of a face, eyes and whole face are transmitted to monitors in the side cabins. The cabins are defined by more yellow Perspex space around the monitors and walkable plates on the floor. Here visitors can observe a scanned face according to who is currently in the central cabin. But the one he does not know exactly how or even if the camera is panned. The work deals with the physical and psychic contact of a human in space, relativity of proximity and distance. Additional information regarding the implementation of the central cab, see GERMINATIONS 7. Supported in 1994 by the Swiss Foundation Jana & Milan Jelinek Foundation. In 2006, donated to the National Gallery in Prague (part of the Collection of Contemporary and Modern Art).