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Spatial interactive installation. On the first floor of Vaclav Spala's Gallery there are two exhibition rooms. To them it leads a narrow corridor, whose left wall Irena Jůzová rubbed over the entire length 30 cm by the wide grey stripe at a height of 150 cm from the ground, which leads a visitor to the installation of Cabins. The cabins are tall metal structures with four triangular enclosed spaces from transparent hardened foils, which offer an insight into the hidden inner area of central square layout defined by a rubbed hanged white cloth. At the apex of the triangular parts of cabin substructures there are fastened 160 cm high poles with small microphones lining parts of edges of the transparent areas. Above them at the tip of the upper triangular structures there are mounted speakers. Microphones by their altitude location offer visitors an option to speak into them. They are interconnected with speakers between both cabins and a visitor can hear his voice from different sides of the space around one or the other cabin. To the back of the gallery opposite to the showcase, there is placed slowly rotating incubator against the gallery window into the street. On the walls, under glass, there are hanged two large-format serigraphs of drawing records at light grey and pale yellow silk.