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Small Reflections about Art

Today we look at art like at anything relative, like at something what is still in movement, like at what can not be described in a still formulation, like at what is always a theory, which is based on assumptions, which are always relative.


I constantly give myself questions to which I can not find satisfactory answers, I think that the best way in art education is the way of questions. By questions, thinking process is charged. But the most difficult is the choice of a question. Finally, everybody educates himself before all, at a school, a student is present also for letting himself to be questioned in openness if possible and a pedagogue is educated ,gets to know and studies him selves in order to teach student something..

Biennial in Venice

If we talk about art there is a basic question what is art. I think, that art is a form of an overlap, when an artist creates an artefact, which afterwords he can observe and find in it something what before having created it he did not perceive, understand…