Subtle Bridges over Invisible Abbys

curator text to the catalogue of the exhibition 16599
5.6.2011 – 31.7.2011, Galery Klatovy / Klenová, castle Klenová

ČFour years pasted after the 52nd Biennial in Venice, where Irena Jůzová presented her own skin cast as a product for sale. She went down to the international awareness as the author of a courageous work, in which she updated the tension of intimacy and depersonalisation. At the expression of this installation it was used the architecture created from cover cardboard boxes. Perfectly broken angles, pressed profiles of ledges glued from paper desks and glassed paper showcases boosted the tension of two different world and two perception models, which in the installation as well as in the life runs through continuously. It goes about the tension between the firmness of a construction and uncertainness, sensation and memory, shame and temptation, subjectivity and manipulation. Irena’s insta­llation architecture at the 52nd Biennial in Venice became to be an environment for survey of contradictions and conflicts of human privacy.

An important part of Irena’s work created after 2007 consists of object, in which came in to place the distinguishing of space as the means of orientation between depersonalized world and privacy. Although we could not find here any similar object, the cast of the most intimate part of her body, a mystery of objects and world shapes, which is before us, and which invite us to participate, was not lost. Conversely, Irena leads her construction more clearly to subjective reflection and meditation on what is a product of civilization, with what is given, whether history or geometry, and what appears to us at the same time as the alienated world or as the discovering reality. The touch edges of different worlds, which visually blend together, are evidenced by the frequent use of glass in her objects and installations.

The installation in Gallery Klatovy / Klenová is just seemingly concentrated on a few pictures and objects. Jůzová understood the existed building from the first reflection about the realisation of the exhibition at the castle Klenova as the most important part of her exposition. The whole minimalistic exhibition is a way to this place and communication with it. Her own works are assigned role of a communication mediator between walls, floor, ceiling, windows and doors of this hundred years old building and a visitor. As well as in the ways of a new novel in which the narration goes through reflection of seemingly invisible world around us to catch tension and vibration in us, Irena Jůzová lead us through her objects through architecture, which is tweaked by these components and becomes a mirror of our own existence and sensitivity.

Tomáš Vlček