Martina Vítková - NanoObject

text to the expozition to the exhibition NanoObject and 90 & 60 years of Chemistry in Pardubice
28.5.2010 – 31.8.2011, Chemical-Technological Faculty, University of Pardubice

The famous Feynman sentence „There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom“ is broader by an object addition of Irena Jůzová’s Around Us in Us. Everywhere around us we are surrounded by nano particles, they go through us, but we are not able to see or to feel them. What is more in us or around us? The life itself and our consideration, hope and fears about its improvement and development. Is nano a biological, technological, philosophic or which one question? Is nano a measure problem? Is nano really everywhere like dwarfs?

Nano is something, what has not been seen by anybody in the real life, because it gets out of the visible light wavelength. We will see, however, the vast possibilities of its use. By electrospinning technology it was developed in the laboratory Liberec an indestructible object from nanofibers. In plexiboxes there are eternal letters, indestructible remake of realization that there had once been. Recycling is reassuring and disturbing at the same time. The original object from glass wool and contemporary nanofibrous one look almost identical. As if the future and past merged at first glance. Only the medium is completely different. All right, but what does it imply for us and around us from it?

May 2010 Martina Vítková