Martina Vítková - Coming into Circles

text to the opening of the exhibition We Like Them More than Gems, They Are Dearer to Us than Gold
25.11.2010, Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové, November 2010

Do not disturb my circles, said Archimedes to a Roman soldier who was going to kill him. By a circle we limit our personal place, a circle is a mandala and also aura, in which some people see us and a circle is also here for the feeling of safety. The wheel of life is also characterized by a circle, a symbol of our earthly existence. In this exhibition, the author delimits the space through circles which circumscribe and influence squares. The two most important geometric shapes are symbols of the two most important types of people, men and women, therefore, among other things. Also they capture the antithesis of material and spiritual world, heaven and earth. When they interfere, it may look like in Leonardo, where in the middle of the circle and the square there is a man. He stands in both worlds, male and female, earthly and heavenly, material and spiritual. And we also stand in the gallery space, which for us rediscovered Irena Jůzová. She always deals in her work and in her thinking with energy of places as influences us and how we theoretically can influence it. Her issue is somewhere between a public spectacle and privacy. This is actually the exact definition of art. In order something become to be consider as art, you have to give it a public dimension, a bit of spectacle, but there must be something very personal, even private, otherwise it would not look authentic and even a little like art.

The exhibition is a connection of three installations. At the left side from the entrance, there is the project You Are Dearer to Us than Gems, We Like You More than Gold, which was created at the symposium in Mikulov in summer. This is completed by the sophisticated invitation card for the exhibition in the building of Chemical-Technological Faculty in Pardubice, where is presented the author’s object from nanofibers.

In the middle, directly before us occur in all of its beuty the Limited Edition, a showcase from Cartier designed for the most precious jewelry, a fountain, a citadel, a Manhattan full of skyscrapers. Rightmost you enter into the installation called 16599, which name I would keep as a secret, or as for the disposal of your deduction. It is actually a sort of lady's boudoir, with a photograph of the absent inhabitant. On the front wall a moving picture shines. It proves not only that diamonds are eternal, but also that we must not be satisfied with just painted and unchanging picture. The idea of the moving picture, which transforms for us, is not so avant-garde as it would appear in our gallery. Colored chattering stones, perhaps it is the soul that shines through. Kaleidoscope, a tool of unpredictable changes and symmetrical beauty, also measures time. Is not a time that will ever end, it is cyclical one. It is up to us whether it ticks or plays for us.

The mystery and the surprise will be probably the last two objects which are part of this installation. A large bowl with a shining dust that rises upward and a monumental concentric circle. Nothing has only one meaning , everything is mixed and affects, but the look that I personally enjoy most and want to know is the cosmos, the universe, and sci- fi. Perhaps here in this very spot it opens a teleport gateway between worlds. So we can expect bastards of the universe, as said the Men in Black. But in our personal, individual human life, in our unique experience, extensive unrepeatable and non-transferable experiences, it could also mean a change, the entrance to another level, transfiguration, transcendence.

Martina Vítková