Martina Vítková - A Proof

There exist impossible things and acts which we referred to as miracles. Spiritual miracles exist beyond this world, and sometimes they tear down unexpectedly into it. By the word miracle we mean things and acts to which we would like to believe but which we take as impossible or unreliable. The times are changing, and so what was before just a fantasy and went beyond the concepts of reality can become part of our future lives. It happened – cars, aircraft, submarines and heart transplants. Very likely on the list of miracles there are possibilities of nanotechnology. How could a human make a smart material, thinking robots in the measure of 10–9, how could be any fragments of materials thousands of times smaller than can be seen with the eye, how they could heal the man? So as well as symbols of the myths are on the same board, just as unbelievable as the latest results and science prognosis. Beyond our small world. Maybe the moving faceprint was a photo, an x-ray, a hologram, maybe something such as a pre-death mask. One protects by skepticism protect his vulnerable core, but he also snips himself from the imagination and poetry of life, from trust and hope. Also because of this a proof is a gift.

The author created from subtle but from non-destroyable nanofibers four prints of her own face..– Sudarium, Plain Copy The Price is Clearly Set and Mama Mia, The Boy is for Me Everything. If we use the deductive method of Sherlock Holmes, we will find the motif under the different titles. Sudarium denotes a sweat towel, a handkerchief. To this is related the story of Veronica's merciful act, when she received the copy of Jesus Christ face at the towel, when he came with the cross to Golgotha. Economical relation without sentiment seems to bear the next title. Plain Copy is an expression of scepticism which is based on empiric met world. Quote from the song is the most personal. If there is anything like health, love, life or belief to a man everything, how we could assign a price to it? This is probably beyond the border of money power. Beyond rational scepticism, beyond duty, in the field of belief, hope, life poetry and maybe also a miracle.

Martina Vítková