Marta Smolíková - Strait Skylly

text for expert media (published: Ateliér no. 9 / 95, 22. July 1995, p. 5) to the exhibition Strait Skylly
4. 3. – 1.4. 1995, Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, February 2005

Our time brings with it constantly pushing doubts about the most stable world imagination, the world, which perhaps even more recently have seemed to be confusing. The courage to consider various options is not given by greater observation and imagination of today’s human, but by the necessity to orientate in the amount of information that come from different parties, from other world cultures, as well as in differences resulted from scientific research. Scientific knowledge cannot be grasped universally, but it is separated branch after branch. The need to orientate in what comes before a human is nothing other than the need of ability to recognize a moment that we can influence us from outside. Besides the fear from the future, which is a hallmark, there exists also delightful feeling to let oneself carried away into exciting unknown. Today's world constantly undermines the confidence that is possible to build own future on what one knows.

To adapt to this kind of uncertainty, or to live in a persistent uncertainty, is difficult and on the other hand is extremely exciting. Life of this time consists of episodes that follow one another and it often seems to be that nothing connects them. The vision of recognition of a superior reality has soaked into chaos theories, where is again searched some kind of order. The most important need is a need of the need and the fear is life without desire, arousal, without visions of new experiences. What is this ,new type of experience, what is needed to accept and experience it except of courage and openness? In what lies the so one called new in world, where is once again more than clear that in us and among us there are still unexplored forces which are not new, but new is the realization that we cannot recognize them, let alone control. On the other hand, we respond in a pre-built own schema to defend ourselves that frustrating uncertainty.

The mythological straits Scylla and Charybdis is a danger on an adventurous way, monsters with six dog heads lurk one on every side of the strait. Scylla and Charybdis are proverbial for the situation in which we cannot escape from one or other evil. Irena Jůzová takes into account this knowledge. The small picture which she painted ten years before, has become a space where she has seen visions of her later art projects, it is the point of her exhibited work. Monumental and raw environment which she built for her paintings, aims to underline their modest but serious utterance, because: ,, ,In everyone's life may come a day when an accident or a kiss, a few drops of rain or a dream or a view of the night or indifferent conversation, snatches our whole being from the environment in which we have grown and plunges us into contradictions which we have despised yet."

Marta Smolíková