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6. 11. – 7. 12. 2003, Museum of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

The work of Irena Jůzová unhesitatengly enters the art world trends: It is very multimedia ones and she uses new technical knowledge and new technologies. We deal with large installations for specific areas (containing various technical objects and apparatus producing motion, light or sound; and offering interactive cooperation), with installations working with significantly tactile materials such as foils or fine semi translucent papers, with video and photographic work. The motivation for the search of innovative approaches is not an end in itself. The final art form is strongly conditioned by the content of communication and personal testimony, bearing in itself a reaction to current social phenomena being based on psychological considerations about the state and development of society. This is demonstrated, for example, in the last year's artist's so­lo exhibition „Metropolitan Mystify“. Through the large format digital photos, videos projections and sound installations we meet here three different worlds: one showing the aesthetics of contemporary perfect fashionable „post“ interiors, second shows signs with the names of several streets in Prague, where the author spent a part of her life, the third captures untidy, rotting dirty living rooms and kitchen of unspecified citizens. Final message has a common denominator: disputation with general, contemporary civilization emotional syndrome, formed with anxious feeling of the absence with a certain place and depressing feeling of contradiction between own opinion and what is submitted to a human as a dictation by commercial establishment.

Ivona Raimanová