Jiří Machalický - Unexpected Experiment

text to the Irena's catalogue We Like Them More than Gems, They Are Dearer to Us than Gold
26.11.2010 – 13.02.2011, Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové, October 2010

Irena Jůzová has experimented with different materials and expression means from the beginning of her work. She combines traditional methods with new ones, she does not refuse legacy of the past generations and naturally she tries to build on it. Her development has a clear logic, but it is not a straightforward one. It has some branches, which relate to the author's broad education and enrich her creation. She also draws from the location memories with which they are inextricably linked certain events. The artist uses classical drawing when expressing her ideas but she also uses more demanding solution and the latest technical practices, bringing a surprising expressive possibilities. She often works with the most progressive technologies that allow us to perceive the world around us in an unusual way. In this way she is able to mirror the continuity between different time periods and different kinds of environments.

Irena Jůzová draws from principles on which naturally develop the exact chosen methods. She deals with the possibilities of space and its changes over time. She chooses themes that are typical for certain areas. She takes photos from them to create a „reservoir“ for her projects. 3D camera allows her for example subtle shifts that unable her to create a spatial illusion on a surface. Some of the views she edits on a computer in order to be usable as a basis for further work. Drawings are an important part of her work. They become to be not only documents of her idea development, but in some cases, also a definitive solution.

Jůzová gets inspiration also from media, for examples from newspapers photographs, that enliven her view at the current reality. They allow her to portray events in a nutshell, to describe them in the most direct way. It develops an imaginary collage of everyday situations, which are related to us, though they occur anywhere in the world. She deals with the relationship between past and present, between groundbreaking moments of life, in which we may completely change its direction via certain decisions. She processes also personal memories on the places that had a meaning for her and where she spent some time. For example, when she sorts photographs of tables with the names of streets it was developed a diary story, in which there are focused shorter or longer periods of her life.

Her projects are often technically very demanding, in them there are connected different sometimes seemingly incompatible processes. The artist often uses monumental solutions, especially when she wants to express her ideas about the fulfillment of our time. Sometimes she uses complicated equipments of various materials, but she transfers them to new contexts. They are often machines that have their memories and history, which act on their own as living organisms. This leads to a particular tension between different environments, the original practical purpose and contemporary art use. Installations are controlled in some cases by considerably complex mechanisms. Jůzová prepares in them environments through which visitors passes and which evokes them certain feelings. Some projects directly invited them to enter into actions, so as to become a natural part of the author's inten­tions.

In her work it is also reflected the search for a lifestyle that is associated with furnishing in interiors and with ideas of their users. Irena Jůzová draws from the knowledge of natural sciences (biology, physics … ), but interprets it via artistic means, which allow much more freedom, and their use is governed by different laws. She also deals with the relationship between private and public spheres, which interface is often very fragile. She is interested in the contradictions between reality and its interpretations, which may vary considerably. During the presentation of different situations it may occur intentional or unintentional misinterpretations that relate to personal experiences and thus different points of view. Thus can be distorted or even significantly disrupted communication, which is naturally influenced by how different situations and events are explained.

Irena Jůzová works with the relation between a common public and a gallery space. To her installations, she transfers for example sounds recorded in an environment, in which we stay every day. In some projects she uses intensive colour radiation, which together with sound records raises different feelings to everyone, which affect human psyche reacting to the movement in a given area. Sometimes she cooperates with other artists, they create common projects, in which is important how each from clear cut personalities would participate. Thus significantly different natures can naturally complement, which finally create an imposing unit full of tension.

She deals also with the relation to the environment, in which we live, with our influence on the world around us and conversely its influence on the society development. Naturally she applies her personal philosophy, she is not affected or she does not follow catchy trends, she is able to choose suitable means for expression of her ideas. Her work is a reflection of continuous consideration about the relationships between people and the meaning of all what we do. Every story or plot has its starting point, builds on previous events. Everything has a reason, even if it is incomprehensible at the first glance. Nothing is created without a cause, each process takes place in a specific space, each situation occurs precisely when it comes its time.

Irena Jůzová’s work has multiple layers, taking off in different directions, but always has a clear concept into which is reflected the natural relationship between the past, the present and the future.

Jiří Machalický