International project ISWA

Irena Jůzová asserts her interest in intangible materials as expression means in the interdisciplinary project connecting art, knowledge and technology ISWA (2011) and NanoSKOP (2009). Initiator and a organiser of these projects are Uskupení Tesla o.s.

In 2011 Irena Jůzová begun again to make works by the technology of spinning at the Technical University in Liberec at the Textile Faculty in cooperation with the team of professor RNDr. David Lukáš, CSc. at the Department of Non-Woven Technologies.


2011 – 2013

The beginning of the participation at the project 26 May 2011

The international project Immersion in the Science Worlds through Arts (ISWA) has main idea the dialogue about science through the art language. The project took place at 12 European Universities and research centres, it should have deepened the interest of the young people about the natural sciences.

The company Tesla in this project realised festivals of the contemporary art and science in Pardubice, Prague and it participated also at the exhibition in Rome, Exeter, Madrid. The main idea of these action was to motivate young people at the participation of European Competition called „Art Inspired by Science“ wich competition finished in Grenoble January 2013.

Irena Jůzová together with another artists attended the seminars and workshops in institutes and companies that deal with nanotechnologies such as: the
 Department of Non-Woven Technologies of the Technical University in Liberec, Chemist-Technology Faculty of University Pardubice, Czech Technical University in Prague, Academy of Sciences; Elmarco a. s., Synpo a. s., Rokospol a. s., Optaglio s.r.o, Mikro spol. s.r.o. company.

At the Department of Non-Woven Technologies of the Technical University in Liberec there she made through nanotechnology a remake of the object with cells Around Us (1991). This work Around Us, In Us (2009) was supported by company Tesla, o.s.



The beginning of the participation at the project 18. January 2009

The aim of NANOSKOP is to show development of science theories, knowledges from subtle and exotic space via art as well as to call attention of the current scientific conferences about nano-technologies.

Nanotechnology, nanosystems a nanostructures are in the works of Czech and foreign artist marked as the result of cooperation with scientists and technologues dealing with the research of nano. Art visualisation are diving into nano-cosmo of unknown and non-visible dimension of material, to another reality at the level of 10–9 m.