Irena Jůzová is interested in the topic, which she called S.Y.T. (Spend Your Time).

To the work on this topic she came through the reflection about imaginative temporal layers and characteristics of space. The reflection about experiences and memories of a particular place, which are not lost as well as memories of people living in this place in any time. The reflection about temporal reservoirs which we detonate as genius loci and which can serve as sources. The line of information poles could be seen through works of Ireny Jůzové. For example in the object Gateway (1990), in the installation Untitled (later on project with camera (1991) or during first solo exhibition Queer Games (1995) .


In 2008, Irena Jůzová exhibited to this topic a series of drawings at the solo exhibition S.Y.T. Drawings in Gallery Mazhaus in Pardubice and a static large green digital manipulatable projection Red Room (2008) at the exhibition called S.Y.T. Projection in the oratory of the Art House in Opava. They were created movable animation of pictures set into contemporary interiors. Head (2005).

In 2009 and 2010, there were prepared visualisation, models and technical base for a monument realisation called S.Y.T.. Two movable travalators and in the centre a build place with the hologram effect of used material. A visitor moves at slowly moving pavements along the semi-permeable walls defining a space. He sees himself while feeling the movement at the opposite wall. In the centre there light changes and one can hear sound. The title S.Y.T. occurs in the field delimited by lighting square in the entrance and in the exit to realisation. The object in visualisation is set into the main hall of Art House in Ostrava.

In 2010, Irena Jůzová prepares to the temporal layouts topic the installation callled 16599. A part of the installation is a large screen projection of a digital kaleidoscopes, the object at wall BV1 (Gate of Options) and an object with white sanding dust at ground.

In 2011, there is created another visualisation and preparation for a monument realisation of the ChV7 (Corridor of Options). A component of the CHV2 (2011) in size 1:1 was shown at the solo exhibition 16599 in Gallery Klatovy/ Klenová at castle Klenová.

The interest in intangible materials as expression means is applied also in the interdisciplinary project NanoSKOP, connecting art, science and technologies ISWA. She becomes acqauinted with the technology of nanofiber creation in the laboratories of the Department of Non-woven Technologies at the Technical University in Liberec. She makes a remakes of the object with cells Around Us (1991). It is created at the similar size of the fiirst object at wall, the object called Around Us, in Us (2009) created from nanofibers. Both works are exhibited at the exhibition DOXNANO in Dox, Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague in 2009.

In 2011, she again cooperates with the Department of Non-woven Textile in Liberec and creates a work through electro-spinning.

The topic S.Y.T is also touched in the work into the public space BB2012 (2011).

The beginning of the project S.Y.T. was supported by the Machinery Fund in 2008 and 2009. The creation of work Around Us, in Us (2009) was supported by Tesla, o.s.