Collection Series

In 2004, with first drawing sketches, Irena Jůzová began to work on the topic from which became a long temporary project called the Collection Series, which represented the Czech Republic at the most prestigious international exhibition of contemporary fine arts 52. la Biennale di Venezia in Venezia in 2007.

video © Jan Štych 2007– exposition of the exhibition Echoes of Venetian Biennial. Exhibition about how the Collection Series was created, National Gallery, Respirium mezanin 5th stock, Veletržní Palace, Prague

To the work on this topic, Irena Jůzová was led by personal reasons. She thought about herself as a woman, about her work, about the sense and meaning of the work, about the financial value of a resulting art product and how to determine its' price, about the art market and the currency. Firstly, she made drawings of skins with erotic charge and thought about the use of floated dolls (from erotic shop). She quickly refused the idea to use made artefacts and decided to use the cast of her own body.

In 2005, she let herself to cast into gypsum and from this she received a gypsum copy of her body. From the gypsum copy of her body, it was made a lukopren form and from this a lukupren skin cast.

She searched material for casting for a long time; as the best, it was used transparent lukopren, which was satisfactory thanks to its alabaster look and slightly explosive consistency. The imagination was the one, that the skin would evoke the undressing from a body.

Therefore, Irena Jůzová had prepared forms and material for never ending series of of her skin castings and individual castings from her hands and legs. The castings were needed to be adjusts and the idea was one, to cover them as ware.The result should seem to resemble series creation at a link for never ending amount of wares.

Essential for the development and the next final realisation of the project Collection Series was the support of Irena Jůzová by the company Model Obaly a.s. in Opava and in Nymburk.

There begann intensive cooperation (2005 – 2010) with development technologist C.A.D. Tomáš Heřmánek, who participated not only at the final realisation of covers for „wares“, but later on, also at the development of architect solution of building into the Czechoslovakian Pavilion in Italia and the development of a showcase for the Limited Edition of Collection Series (2010).

For Collection Series were developed many covers – small pedestals for hands, triple cover for skin, small boxes with initials IJ.

*Additional Information**

In 2005, the skins in the covers were exhibited by curator Vlastimil Tetiva at the exhibition Metropolitan Reality in Wortner's House in České Budějovice.

At the beginning of 2006, Irena Jůzová received an offer to make an exhibition by curator Olga Malá from the Prague City Gallery. The skins should have been exhibited in the former cloakroom area in the House at the Golden Ring in 2007. Irena Jůzová was interested by its' stucco geometrical ceiling. She decided to turn this geometry into the ground plan and an idea occurred to her to adjust the skins and the small objects to monumental showcases and a building with showcases related to this stucco geometry.

So she continued in the cooperation with the Model Obaly a.s Nymburk. With Tomáš Heřmánek, they began to work at the copy of stucco geometry on paper segments. There was developed a series system of stucco paper compounding and there were created sketches and a model of monumental showcases and round showcase for the hanged skin.

At the end of 2006, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the National Gallery in Prague announced a tender for an art project to represent the Czech Republic at the international biennial 52nd Biennial of Contemporary Art in Venice, Italy.

The expert text for the tender wrote Hellevi Rebmannová.

Irena Jůzová was chosen by all of the votes by the expert committee to show her monument realisation Collection Series i at 52. biennial of contemporary art in the area of Czechoslovakian Pavilion in 2007.

After the end of 52. biennial in Venice, the National Gallery in Prague prepared an exhibition connected to this successful representation at the break of 2007 and 2008, Echoes of Venetion Biennale in Veletržní Palace in Prague. This exhibition was not a merely pure copy of the project realised in the Czechoslovakian Pavilion, but there was shown a partial adjustation of the project to the functionalist architecture of the building and a visitor could observe how the Collection Series was created.

In 2010, there was developed the Limited Collection Series with cooperation of development technologist C.A.D. Tomáš Heřmánek.

The Collection Series was exhibited as the reminder for the 52nd Biennial in Venice at the exhibitions called the Echoes of Venetian Biennial, Czech Centre in Bratislava and Autoportrait in the Czech Art in 20. and 21.century, Ales' South-bohemian Gallery in Hluboka nad Vltavou in 2008. Further on, at the exhibition Autoportrait in the Czech Art in 20. and 21.century, Gallery Modern Art in Hradec Králové, the Skin, Gallery in the Chapel in Bruntál in 2009. In 2010 and 2011 at exhibition We Like Them More than Gems, They Are Dearer to Us than Gold in the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové and in 16599 at the castle of Gallery Klatovy/Klenová.

In the Prague City Gallery in 2007, there were personal changes and the work Collection Series has not still been shown the area of the House at the Golden Ring.

A part of the Collection Series became to be a part of the exposition of the Collection of Modern and Contemporary art of National Gallery in Prague, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové and in the SONS Shoes or no shoes? museum in Belgium.