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Not much exhibited part of Irena Juzová's works are her drawings. They are not just mere drafts or sketches, some of her three dimensional works just show what was created with help of pencil. Just in her early drawings we can observe her intention to map not only spacious relations of objects but also the powers and energy that surrounds them. It is not only about the solution of technical problems or about diary notes of her feeling. She returns to her childhood memories and with the help of a pencil she tries to make clear their form and meaning. There appear billowing curtains in the room of her grandmother, recordings of sounds that surrounded her, luminous quality of distant moments that has never disappeared from her memory.

In the drawings there is fully reflected the mentioned timelessness of Irena Jůzová thinking, the absence of progressive modernist or post-modern development of her work. In the drawings for her there is not important whether it relates to events from childhood or to ones from previous day, everything is mixed together and everything is related. In the drawings and consequently in her three-dimensional works there she actualizes her own ambiguous feelings. For structuring them is more important their intensity than chronology. Part of her drawings are also texts. Besides technical drawings, on the margin of recorded phone and hastily recorded budgets there we can find her reflections about her own existence, or excerpts from what she has read.

Tomáš Pospiszyl (An excerpt from oponent report.)