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Two connected rooms – sound and light installation in the former factory Cosmos in Bratislava. The place, which I choose for The Ilussory Uncertainty, were mid tiled double rooms of non-functioning factory wash room. A visitor comes into the area of a square shape, to which I placed the object Cabin – metal construction with rubber hanged curtains and foils (95) at imaginary diagonal line leading from entrance to a smaller rectangular room. There is gloom, just prominent remaining parts of metal water pipes tubes painted with UV create luminous series of points on the walls around the perimeter of the room and navigate to the yellow glow that comes from the rear compartment hidden behind the Cabin. The narrow space is empty, just at the left wall at the height of six feet there are three square holes filled with plastic glass bricks. The walls, ceiling and glass panels are painted with the colours reacting to UV light, which is hanged at the ceiling. When exposed to UV lamps, the whole area turned into an intense golden yellow tone. A visitor who sets foot in it he may feel that the colour goes through him he can physically feel the power emanating from the pigment. Three glass panels in the wall are painted with paint that changes after exposure to high-pitched turquoise shade that produces the golden strident contrast. All is connected with a sound record. By connection of quality of a sensitive sound apparatus device and tiled walls there is created a unique spatial acoustic experience thanks to the reflections of sounds direction. The sound is authentic, caught out at the open station. The individual sequences of recordings are arranged in succession to form an apparent plot. The work deals with blending of inner and outer light. It touches the dilemma between the curiosity and double fear of touch of the knowledge acquired during examination of suspected unseen influences that lie beneath the surface and coming back with the experience of them. Refers to a certain stop in time.